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Confusion Regarding The CM HAF 912

Before I buy all of my parts, I have to tackle cooling problems. Before I start, I would just like to say I made a somewhat similar reply in a different forum category, but in two days I only got one response. I plan on buying everything soon, so I need answers asap.

So here it is.
I will be having a gtx 580 with a intel core i5 2500k. Now this problem arises. Air cooling.
The case comes with 2 120mm fans. One for the front intake and one for the back exhaust.
I have not included an aftermarket cooler into my build because I am over budget already.
I found a good deal at newegg, that gives 4 120mm fans for the price of $15. I think that would be very good cooling.
i would be able to have 2 120mm fans in the front, one 120mm on the side, one 120mm in the back, and 2 120mm fans on top. I wonder if this would keep my system cool enough for long gaming periods. I game for a while a day, sometimes around 4 hours. I Need to know if heat would be a problem. I know the gtx 580 is power hungry and can get really hot after a while. Would this cooling method be sufficient? Someone said that these 4 fans are the same stock fans that come with the coolermaster haf 912.
Are they any good? Here is a link of the fans :

These are the specs:
Type: Case Fan
Compatibility: Case
Fan Size: 120mm
Bearing: Type Sleeve
RPM: 1200 RPM±10%
Air Flow: 44.73 CFM
Noise Level :19.1 dBA
Power Connector: 3 Pin
Color: Black

Instead of buying these 4 fans should I buy a aftermarket cooler? What are they for? Do they only cool the cpu or can they also cool the gpu? I need to know because I need the better deal for cooling. I heard the cm hyper 212 is a very good aftermarket cooler.
Would this aftermarket cooler cool my system better than all the six fans I would have in my system?

Please guys, inform me on what I should do. My parents want to order everything in the next 2 days, but I do not think they would be mad if I told them to wait a little :D
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  1. I would get the 4 fans. A CPU cooler will cool your CPU, but it is airflow within the case that removes the warm air heating up your system. Just because you have a great CPU cooler doesn't mean your case isn't getting hot inside.
  2. Are you sure? Anyone have anything else to say? Whatever is posted here will be my last decision.
    Are the 4 fans strong? Even if they are weak, 6 fans would be able to cool well don't you think?
  3. If you think about it, 6 fans in a case is a bit overkill, but it'll cool your PC VERY well. Even with cooling within the case, you will need an aftermarket CPU cooler if you plan on doing some high overclocking. I would just save up until you have enough to afford a CPU cooler. A stock i5 2500k and GTX 580 is a very powerful combo already.
  4. Yes but I think I should buy the 6 fans and not regret it later. I already went over my budget by around $100 and if I can avoid overclocking for now to save money, I guess I will have to. I know it is sad but I guess I have to let go of somethings for now. I will get a cpu cooler for Christmas for sure
  5. Before you do, make sure you have enough fan pins on your MoBo.
  6. Alright thanks for the tip :)
  7. If you're not overclocking to start out, you don't even need the extra fans. The ones that come with your case are more than sufficient to handle a gaming rig at default setttings.

    That said if it's only $15 to get a few more fans, why not? It will definitely help keep the systme cooler.

    it will however bring your noise threshold up by a pretty decent amount.

    I love my HAF case, and would definitely recomend it.

    It is true that a 580 under load generates heat, but... there is really nothing currently out there that will really tax it, unless you are lucky enough to have a $1300 2560x1600 panel. And the fan on the 580 is designed to keep it cool under load. Also, the design of the fan on the 580 pushes most of the air out the back of the case anyway.

    Oh, one other thing... As far as fan slots on your mobo.. these won't be used, as your computer won't be controlling the fan speed. You would just plug them into one of the 12v rails of the PSU
  8. itzdaniel, will all 6 fans be able to be hooked up to the power supply? I am sorry but this is my first build with so many fans.
    Can you also do me a favor, and tell me if 19.1 dBA is loud? I won't mind a little noise, but I do not want it to be loud either.
    Maybe I should not buy 4 fans altogether and just add an extra 1 or 2 fans instead?
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    No worries, and actually I made a mistake. I didn't actually look at the link you posted earlier... :( My bad.

    Those particular fans actually do need to be plugged into the MB, which isn't standard for case fans.

    The fans that come with the case are going to be plugged into the PSU, although the connectors can be daisy-chained so they only use a single plug.

    19 dBA is not loud in itself, but 19 x 6 should be around 37 dBA which again isn't loud but it is getting up there. I believe the 580 at full speed is around 40 dB which some people complain is too loud. I personally don't mind it, but some people do.

    Personally if I was building it I would just get 2 fans,

    one like this for the side of the case, exhaust.

    and one like this
    for the top, exhaust.

    If you wanted more, I would get 1 more of the second to double up your intake in the front.
  10. What is the MB model you will be using?
  11. this is the motherboard i will be using.
    19x6 is only 37? how do you calculate that?
    Should the side be an exhaust or an intake? I was thinking that the side would an intake and the front would intake too. The top would have two fans for exhaust and the back would have another one.
  12. The motherboad you will be using only has a total of 4 3-pin fan plugs. So after the CPU takes up 1, you will have 3 left, it's up to you if you want to use those or not.

    dB is based on a logarithmic scale and the sound doubles for every ~3dB. So base of 19 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = ~total for the 6 fans. This isn't exact, but pretty close for estimating needs.

    I absolutely agree that the top and back should be exhaust, however...

    I prefer the side to be an exhaust, for the reason that it is almost directly over where the CPU/GPU are sitting and I would prefer to get that hot air out of my case ASAP instead of blowing cold air over them. Either way will work just as well, I just prefer this way.
  13. Wait I wont have a cpu cooler. The cpu its self uses a pin? So if I have 4 3pins, and the cpu uses one, and I use two of the stock fans, then I only have one pin left right? hm.. what should I do? :\
  14. The CPU has to have a cooler, even if it isn't an aftermarket one. This is the one that you will attach to the "CPU Fan" port right next to the actual CPU Socket.

    There are 3 left over after that.

    The 2 fans that come stock with the case are the kind that go directly into the PSU, so that won't limit you at all.

    Did you look like at the links I shared?
  15. Yes I did. Now would both of the fans be connected to the psu or the mb?
  16. Those 2 would go directly to the PSU
  17. So you are telling me that I could use those two stock fans and the cooling would be good enough? Maybe I should just buy another two fans, use one stock as an exhaust, one new one as an exhaust, the other stock as a intake, and the other new one as another intake?
    I would put a new one in the front as an intake, a stock as intake in the front too.
    then I would put the other stock in the rear as an exhaust. The other new one would go on top for another exhaust..
    Maybe that would be good enough?
  18. Yes, the stock fans that come with the case will be enough.

    If you are worried then I would go for a couple extra, the setup you are saying would be perfect.

    How about this, go ahead and get the case / stock fans, use it for a few days and monitor temps. If you feel you need more, go from there?

    If you are going to start OverClocking, then I would absolutely get some more fans in there first.
  19. Yes I think I will buy two more fans, I will post the link here once I find two good ones (I hope). I do not know how to check if they get connected to the psu or the mb.

    One more question:
    Do I need to buy any thermal paste? I will not be overclocking for the first year or so, and I am not buying an aftermarket cooler. Is it necessary? If I go without it will my cpu get too hot?
  20. Good choice :) It's what I would do. Fans are cheap enough...

    On newegg they will say what kind of connector they use.

    If it's 3pin it goes directly to the motherboard (or you can get an adapter to go to the PSU) and if it is 4pin it goes directly to the PSU.

    You will need thermal paste, even if you aren't overclocking. However, I don't know if this is still the case, but the last time I built the CPU came with thermal paste. You shouldn't need to buy any more unless you take the heatsink off. Every time you remove the heatsink/fan you are going to need more.
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