First Build almost ready, advice in monitor needed!


So this is my first build (havent started building it yet, hope i dont get problems with any part... especially the mobo...)

Im just missing 2 things... storage hard drives and monitor

This is what i have:

CPU: i5-2500k
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 850 watts
Boot drive and applications: OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600MHZ

What monitor do you recommend?? i really dont know..

Im looking at 27" monitors.

which monitor would you recommend between these ones??:


Viewsonic Vx2753mh

Benq M2700hd,
Couldnt find it on newegg...

ASUS Ve278q

Hp 2711x

Acer 27 S273hl

Im also considering this one (just because it has 120hz, which i have read looks way better...) even thought is 24" (i think 23.6")

Acer 3d Gd235hz

I dont know a lot about panels and things like that.... that why i came here.. for advice and recommendations based on previous experience... i will be gaming but not a lot, im not a heavy pc gamer, just sometimes and i almost dont play FPS

and why is the viewsonic monitor pricier than the others??? am i missing something?? (i thought viewsonic was not a very good/cheap brand)

About hard drives.... i got the vertex 3 for OS and applications.. so, do you recommend the WD Caviar Black (7200 rpm) for storage?? im thinking in buying 3, 2TB drives for a total of 6tb storage...

or will i be ok with some seagate or WD 2TB green drives?? (5900 rpm)

or maybe some hitachi deskstar 2 tb drives (7200 rpm) model HDS722020ALA330?

Dont know what to do......

Also... in other threads i read a lot abour RAID and RAID and RAID.. 0,1,5, etc...

I dont completely understand RAID... but what would be the advantages to configure the drives in RAID?? do you recommend doing this for 6TB storage???

Any reason i should do RAID, instead of having 3 individual drives??

i dont like very much the idea of having a single mega 6tb drive...

Sorry for all these noob questions... hope you can help me, im almost finished!!
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  1. mmmmmmmm no one?
  2. ^^ Of the lot, I like the ASUS better,... You can get the one with the webcam for the same price with this coupon
    Save $50 w/ promo code ASUSVKLED, ends 8/26

    As for the HDD, RAID has many types
    Some of the most commonly used -
    RAID 0 - For performance as it nearly doubles the HDD speed(Have to use 2 similar HDDs) Gives full storage capacity, but this increases the chances of HDD crash so mainly used only for OS and apps and not for data drives.

    RAID 1 - For data redundancy( Again 2 or more similar HDDs) But here you would get only half the storage - 2x 1TB in RAID 0 will give you 1TB of storage.

    RAID 5 - Kinda a combination of both the above, would need 3 similar HDDs, and would give 2/3rd the storage capacity,... So if you need performance and data redundancy, then you can go RAID 5,...

    But before going about, just make sure you have got all the steps right to setup RAID(Lot of info about setting up RAID available on the net),...
  3. With the 570 go with a 1920x1080 monitor. The nvidia GPUs don't perform as well as AMD's once you go past that mark. You can get some 27" monitors in that resolution, but you'll really be fine with a 24" IMO.

    why 6TB of data storage? That is quite a lot...
  4. yes, i dont plan on going beyond 1080p for now.... (cant afford it)

    i just dont know which monitor from the lot to get... I think the ASUS one is no more available from where i will be buying =( (im not from the US)

    and 6 TB of data storage... because im tired of having lots of external drives with data... i have easily 3.5 tb of data in several external drives.... lots of HD movies...

    So, if we take out the ASUS monitor, which will be the best from that lot???

    and should i get green 5900 rpm drives for storage?? or go with the 7200 wd caviar black or hitachi deskstar ones?
  5. I'm not very knowledgable on the subject. But I've been researching my own first build for awhile. And after reading around on many different forums. Alot of people seem to like the, Samsung Spinpoint F3. Its a well priced 1TB 7200rpm 32mb cache. I have no personnal experience with it. But will be using it in my first build next month.

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB:

    Samsung EcoGreen F4 2TB

    Edit: Just saw you are looking for 2TB HDD's.
  6. thanks, but i cannot get that drives where i live =(

    any other opinion about the drives and monitor??

    i think im right now between the acer and viewsonic one.....
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