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Still Having GSOD with HD 5870

Hey all,
I'm using my second HD 5870 (Gigabyte Super Overclock Edition) after having my first one RMA'ed because it was giving me the Grey Screen of Death on my computer. However this one GSOD's unless I have the memory clock underclocked by 50 (Which defeats the purpose of having a Super Overclock Edition) and I was just wondering if anyone had come up with a solution yet. I have the latest driver 11.5. I am using a trial version of windows 7 64 bit.
Any feedback would be hugely appreciated.
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  1. i guess you have another faulty one....... what PSU are you running? make and model.
  2. Ritmo Force 860 Gaming Tri Fan Power Supply 2.3V - ATX PSU. I know nothing about it actually. The graphics card shouldn't be faulty as they tested it before it came out. BTW the last graphics card I RMA'd they said that no fault was found but because of all the money I had spent trying to fix it they sent me another.
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    rip out that PSU before it blows up. You go and spend money on a nice GPU and you forgot the most important thing is a quality power supply. What you heve there is the cheapest of the cheap. Please replace it with an antec, corsair, seasonic or xfx psu. Theres still a chance that its not the cause of your problems, but its highly likely. Especially since its a known crap brand that absolutely will not produce its labelled wattage. Never ever, ever, ever, ever buy a cheap psu or you will regret it.
  4. Oh!
    I had this computer built for me by GTS computers. The prices looked really cheap. NOW I KNOW WHY!!
    Thanks for replying. Will remove the PSU!
    what specific model would you recommend?
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