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Hi, i want to have a home server that can do the following thing
1) file storage and backup
2) connect to printer so I can print from other computer at home
3) install and run program (it can be like a remote desktop thing, it mostly for thing like taxcut where I don't need to have taxcut install in all the computers just so I can view the my save files).

I have a budget of $500ish. I'm completely new to this so any advice on what server software I should be looking into and what hardware spec could fullfill those functions is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Get ClearOS. google it. and basic hardware
  2. hello.. he want to run Taxcut on the server so that leaves out everything except windows and mac.

    XP, vista, or 7 should handle those funtions fine. You don't need a dedicated server.
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