I wanna build a gaming desktop

I hqve 1500$ and i wanna buy a gaming desktop but when i look for a desktop one have bad graphics other one bad processor so i better build one..but i don' t know where from to start
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  1. Do you want to start with AMD or Intel?

    Do you want AMD or Nvidia Graphics?

    Do you want to overclock?

    Do you want a preformance system or quiet system?
  2. I guess intel, about the graphics i don't know..i had a dell laptop with 1g dedicated nvidia ...i played a lot of gamesand my processor burn down....i don't know what overclock is, sorry...and performance i want.tnx
  3. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/353572-31-build-upgrade-advice

    Fill this out & a mod should move this to the right section :)
  4. You are going to have a lot of fun building a gaming rig for $1500!

    You have to now go and figure out which parts you want. For that kind of money you can build a super fast gaming rig.

    Figure out if you want Intel, you should probably look at the Toms Hardware CPU guides. Once you choose one, find a motherboard that fits that CPU and get ram that works with both of those. You can use the guide at http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/System-Builder-Marathon-August-2012-GTX-670-Kepler,3280.html
    That's the Value build on Tom's Hardware. You can modify to fit your budget.

    Happy gaming.
  5. Thankx a lot..
  6. So newegg.com is the cheapest site?but if i buy this month a video card lets say better than the one techjamaica wrote and next month other 2pieces better and i.m gonna build the desktop in 4-5months, you think is not a good ideea?
  7. mickutzu2011 said:
    I hqve 1500$ and i wanna buy a gaming desktop but when i look for a desktop one have bad graphics other one bad processor so i better build one..but i don' t know where from to start

    here try this build, this is one i suggest to pretty much everyone with a 4 digit budget.

    CASE-Corsair 650D


    Motherboard MSI Z77A-G43


    CPU-Intel i5 3570k


    Cooler-Corsair h100


    PSU-Corsair AX 750


    GPU-gtx660ti by nvidia, msi power edition


    RAM-Corsair Dominators 8gb (2x4gb)


    DRIVES-intel 520 series 120gb ssd


    DATA DRIVE-Western Digital 1tb black drive


    OS windows 7 home premium


    CD drive-asus bluray drive


    TOTAL:$1,466.26 and if u sign up for amazon prime(1 month free, i just make a new account every month lol) u get free 2 day shipping.

    *note you can upgrade the 660ti to a 670ti if u want. thats a 100 dollars.
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