Core i3 2020 + Radeon HD 6670

Would it be possible to add a

to a


I know it's crazy and somebody aready have advised me to just build a computer but would it be possible to put them together ehehe?

And if it is possible... what other componenets would I need it to make it work?
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  1. It should go in OK the power supply will most likely not be up to it (ask HP if it has 30A+ on the 12V rail) with it. The case will most likely be OK. That GPU is not good value this one is £7 more and much better but would need a better PSU
  2. 30a on the 12v rail for a 5670? what are you smoking, a generic PSU with 18a will run that, the card only uses 6a tops (no extra power is used other then what the mobo provides).

    the OP will be fine
  3. woah woah... thanks guys~~
  4. simon12 said:

    in order to cover bottom of the barrel PSU

    the card at peak uses as much power as 5 fans.

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