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I cant get my sig to work
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  3. I still can't get it. I've gone through all the settings, but it just doesn't show. What did you do to get yours working?
  4. right before you make a post you have to check the box that says "display your signature".

    Kind of lame but oh well.
  5. yes, but there is no more "display your signature" checkbox when posting. So, any other suggestions?
  6. None, they just recently took that away, anybody else?
  7. yea mine no longer works and in my profile ive ticked the box telling it to show and there is no "display your sig" tick box... at this rate im seriously thinking about dumping this forum.... had enough of it now.
  8. Yep the "display signatures" option in your forum options is NOT for your sig. It's so you can see others. I've been looking for an admin response for a few weeks, and even sent a feedback e-mail to the TH editorial staff.

    No responses.
  9. There has to be a way to do it. I've seen recent posts with sigs.
  10. Those people are toggled to always include a signature. They couldn't turn it off if they wanted to.
    The functionality was removed from the forum interface, but there was once a setting that allowed people to always have a signature. When the control was removed, the setting remained.
  11. yes, but no!
    I have set always to show my sig form my profile menu and it didn't showed at all. Am I doing domething wrong ?
  12. Most likely you've set it to always show sigs in general, not just show yours.
  13. then, how can I set to show mine? Which option should I enable ?
  14. Yonef, I realize English is not your first language, but that is the whole point of this thread and the one I made below it.

    You cannot display a signature. It is broken, except for a those that have had signatures for a long time.
  15. I know what your saying Proximoron but its not just new people, ive been on this forum long before the new design and always had my sig enabled, yet here i am with no sig.
  16. I've sent a list of several bugs to the engineers and they're working on it. The "delete your reply" function is back now :)
  17. gsteacy said:
    I've sent a list of several bugs to the engineers and they're working on it. The "delete your reply" function is back now :)

    Thank You
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  20. megabuster? how did you get your sig to work ?!
  21. Sig test
  22. they put a checkbox on forum options to enable the sig. :)
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