Help with building a new computer? :(

hi i built a computer recently cuz i thought hec why not save myself some money and i need a new computer anyway... pretty much taught myself how to do it with some help from the internet ;) got all the parts hooked them all together .. it all works but when i turn it on and try to install winodws 7 it is extremely abnormaly slow and then it will just freeze while installing windows 7have tried many times it keeps doing it .....
anyone have any idea why? this is what i have all of its connected i checked cables and cords and stuff

600W PSU
GIGABYTE GA-8I915P-D motherboard
XFX Radeon 1GB DDR2 PCI Express grahpics card
4 x 1GB PC2-4200 533MHZ RAM (to clarify i have 4 gig in total)
Intel Pentium 4 processor
Dell DR972 SATA 16x DVD-ROM
Sound Blaster 5.1 PCI sound card
HARD DRIVE 160GB Western Digital SATA

why dosent it load windows 7? i meet all requirements?
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  1. There is a flaw in the Windows 7 installer. If your bios thinks there is a floppy drive then it really slows down the install. Go into your BIOS and tell it that there is no floppy drive, and it will install much faster.
  2. ok thanks but i have a problem, when i try to go into BIOS i press the button for BIOS at startup then it says

    Scanning for devices please wait,
    no disc attached

    what does this mean and what do i do to fix it?
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