ASRock B75M into BitFenix Shinobi?


First post. Came here cause I am now getting nervous.
First time building a PC. I bought a ASRock B75M and just recently got a BitFenix Shinobi.
Installation time has come and there is little in both manuals about installing the motherboard.
I have tried to fit it already. Some of the screw holes line up and some do not.
Im also not sure how the motherboards usb, hdmi, dvi etcc.. rear i/o ports line up in the silver faceplate for the back of the case.
I have the plate fitted in the case okay but I feel like it is not sitting right with the motherboard in there.
Not to mention I couldn't find any screws that come with the motherboard and the ones I have aren't long enough to reach the threads on the case once they pass through the motherboard. Some screws are also smaller than other.
Am I missing something here or does my motherboard not fit into my case. I thought they were both mATX?

Any help would be so great... Freaking out a bit here.
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  1. for matk boards in atx cases, teh case company I would believe gives you standoffs if your mobo is micro atx which looks somethign like this i believe
  2. i will fish through my screws that came with the case but i dont remember seeing anything when i opened it
  3. which shinobi did you get
  4. Standard size. Not the XL.
    Mine has the window though.
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    accodring to anandtech, 2 should already be installed.

    this picture is the xl versions screws, but the standoff(third screw from the left should have normally been included with the case, assuming you bought the case new.
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  7. Yeah man I think I found them. I also discovered that there is a reference guide written into the case that tells you what screw sockets are for the type of motherboard your are installing. So I could be right. Thanks for your help.
    Really appreciated!
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