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EVGA GTX 550 Ti or HD 6770 ?

Hopefully my last video card post..

Which is the best buy; EVGA GTX 550 Ti, Sapphire HD 6770, or Sapphire HD 6770 Vapor-X ?


Sapphire HD 6770

Sapphire HD 6770 Vapor-X

Thanks for the info guys.
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    The 550Ti is on par with the 6790, therefore it's going to be a little more powerful than the 6770. But i believe that the $125 price after rebates is very good. I personally would go for the 550Ti in this comparison. Especially so when the manufacturer is EVGA.

    Take a look at the hierarchy chart for more information:,review-32183.html
  2. 550ti would be a little better,
    if you are buing one of these cards i would advice you going with this
  3. If price is an issue, the 6770 is exactly the same as the 5770, which can be found for $110, and with rebates, $90. Here's an ASUS one:

    AMD simply re-branded the 5750 and 5770 as the 6750 and 6770, but the new models tend to cost a little bit more. The 6790 is much like the 5830 - it's a further disabled 6870 than the 6850. Most people think it's a Juniper-based GPU (5770) with a 256-bit bus, but it's a heavily-crippled Barts GPU (6870).
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