Is this a good first time system?

Hey everyone! So I bought a stock Sony Vaio Desktop PC VGC-RB30 from friend for like $100. I have made changes to it since then and I was wondering how good of a system this is. Please tell me if you think I should change something! Thanks.

Original Specs for the Desktop:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz (2 CPUs)
Motherboard: Intel 915g
Ram: 512MB DDR
GPU: Intel GMA 900
PSU: 305 Watts

New Specs for the Desktop
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 260, 3.2 GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache
Motherboard: Biostar A770E3
Ram: Kingston 4GB DDR3, 1333MHz
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 (Redwood) 512mb DDR5
PSU: 305 Watts

Edit: Also, would the above run on a 305 watt PSU? I have not completed adding all of this, but I need to know if it would run on 305 watts.
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  1. They recommend a 400 watt power supply or greater.
  2. What brand is the psu from? If it is branded, that is.
  3. I was looking at some benchmarks online at several different video cards including the 5670 and higher end cards. On a benchmark test of how much power the whole computer system took while playing Crysis, was only about 214 watts. So I think it might run, but I will definitely not keep it on a wattage this low in the long run. I will, as soon as the money comes my way, get a 500 watt+ psu. As for the name brand of the stock 305 watt psu...I have no idea. I cannot find any name for it on the Sony website or anywhere else. I am sure it is a name brand because it had to be made somewhere, right?
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