P5KPL-VM probably dead ?

Hey guys. My motherboard died on me while working, computer just froze. Kept the power button pressed for 4 seconds, it shut down then didn't want to come back at all. Tried different memory sticks that were known to be good, different processor and still nothing. By nothing I mean fans spin, no post beep, no VGA beep, not even with PCI-e graphics card. The only thing that makes me try again are the beeps it makes when trying to boot with no memory installed. It seems it's alive, but doesn' post.

At the time of death, I was working on a 26 Mb 300 pages word document and had, maybe, a video playing in the background. CPU Temperature 55, fluctuating, video card 65, and suddenly it just froze, exactly when looking at the temperature. I never play games on it, the motherboard is 4 years old, I bought it from the store, it was brand new, and the signs that led me to thinking it's dying are that the GPU temperature while playing Full HD movies was between 70-75 all the time, even when not playing anything, it didn't go below 69. The video card is Sapphire Ati Radeon HD5450 with 1 GB memory at 64 bits, cores at 667, both memory GPU.

The system is:

defunct motherboard Asus P5KPL-VM,
Processor: Intel Core2Duo E8400 at 3 Ghz, no overclocking, cooling fan something better than stock, dunno what exactly, 900 rmp usually,
Memory: 2x2 GB DDR2, 667 mhz and 800, running @667 Mhz.
1 SATA 2 500 GB WD HDD,
PSU 450, not bad, not good.

BTW, I tried different PSU (definitely good, I'm running off it right now).

If you have any ideas what to do to make it come back from the dead, thank you very much.
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  1. My guess would be the motherboard. The temps you gave aren't bad, actually they're normal. Always suspect the psu first, but if it turns out not to be that since you already changed it out, and nothing else was changed while it was running normally, then I would suspect the mobo.
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