Which GPU is better??

Which is better?

Radeon HD4650 1gb DDR3 or Radeon HD5450 1gb DDR3??

My mobo is Biostar A880G+ with phenom II X2 555 BE on it..which video card will perform better in my system??

thanks in advance!
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  1. i think you can buy 4670 best of them
  2. you mean the Radeon HD4670 1gb DDR3??
  3. shoyee417 said:
    you mean the Radeon HD4670 1gb DDR3??


    but if u want directx 11 and new technology i mean 5670 1 Gb DDR5 according to your money average?@@
  4. I see..Will it still be compatible with my mobo sir??
  5. 4650 is better., 5670 is much better, and any PCI-E card will work on your motherboard.
  6. your resoluation and your display?

    but 5670 need power supply 350 watt al least HEC or Corssair or Cooler master
    4670 does not need power
  7. hd 4650 > hd 5450.
    but, for my opinion, go get hd 6670. Best graphic card that dont require extra 6-pin power connector. Seriously dude,,
  8. Thanks for your replies folks.. I think I'll get the 4650 for now, I'm quite out of budget for the 5670 and 6670.

    Thanks for your replies guys..=)
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