ATA100 and Linux

Has anyone gotten an ATA100 drive fully working in Linux?
I've been trying using the UDMA howto, but to no avail so far.
I'm using recent versions of Rhat (6.2, 7.0). Anyone conquered this one yet?
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  1. Is anybody watching this topic for replies?
  2. stop bringing up two month old posts.
  3. The original post is actually more than 6 years old - for any clue, look at the Red Hat version mentioned... It predates Fedora.
  4. I'd stop watching topics if I were you, but that's sometime more bothering than simply waiting for people never to reply :) Anyway, I wish you a great life.
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  5. Get lost moron. You keep bringing up 6 yr old posts and that avatar along with your account will be history.
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