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Help Between 6870 and 6950

Im stuck with the decision between a 6870 and 6950.
Because im in australia, prices are high.
I can get a 6870 for $200 and a 1gb 6950 for $300
Is the extra $100 worth for the extra performance?????
This gpu will be going to my new build with a 1090t, 890fxa-gd70 and 4gb of dominator ram.
Thanks. Games will be running at 1080p.

Or will a GTX560Ti be better
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    I would take the gtx 560ti over the 6950 but the 6950 usally unlock to a 6970, how if the 560ti is cheap enough grab it.
  2. get a reference 6950 and flash it with the 6970 bios, they r gr8
  3. Just remeber not all of the 6950's flash to a 6970 and this could also damage the card.
  4. Some thing to consider (As I've recently been considering the same options; 6870, well 6870 CF or 6950)...

    Finding reference 6950's is very difficult now. Finding 6950's that do not have the extra shaders laser cut is very difficult now. Back a few months ago, there was a reasonable guarantee. Now, there really is not. It seems the odds are against getting a 6950 that can be unlocked. Check out the reviews on Newegg, etc for various cards. Not many people are having luck with the latest batches. I would keep this in mind, in making your decision. With that said, I'm not saying not to get a 6950. I'm just saying don't really count on unlocking it to a 6970.
  5. Just buy a 6950 or a 6970 and be happy with it. :)
  6. in australia 2gb 6950 are well over my budget. and 1gb cards cant be unlocked or can they. so 6870 is a no go or 56oTi??
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