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I have just finished building my first computer and have run into a series of problems: First off when i power on the system it makes it past post, but that is when the problems begin. it freezes often even while in uefi bios. when i try to install the operating system it freezes and crashes constantly when this happens the dram led light on the motherboard comes on and stays on until the system reboots itself. the led light for the boot device has come on a couple of times too.

System Specs:

Asus crosshair v formula motherboard
Amd Phenom II x 6 1090t
Corsair vengance ddr3 1600 mghz ram 8 gigs
Plextor px755sa Optical drive
Corsair gs 700 watt psu
xfx radeon hd 6970
1 TB sata 3 7200rpm Hdd

Trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate

Thanx in advance for any help!
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  1. Are you sure all cables are plugged in? Might be defective ram.
  2. Yes all the cables r plugged in even the 4 pin easy plug for multiple graphics cards.( wasnt plugged in at first but plugged it in after started getting problems)
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