Hey all,

I originally bought an ASUS F1A75-m PRO but it was DOA, and then I accidentally ordered the F1A75-m LE. Planning on swapping back out to the PRO, but anyway, my problem is this..

The RAM I bought is CORSAIR 1866mhz RAM, which the board says it supports. I'm not sure on the exact model type because I'm not at home to look, but I'm 100% sure it's 1866... Anyway, I built my computer, turned it on, and it says my RAM is only reading at 1333 MHZ. I didn't look into it too much as I was in a hurry to get out, but I can't find anything online about what to look at or change. I tried changing it in the BIOS but it was grayed out. That's about the extent of my attempts. I'm just looking for suggestions about what to look at before I go tearing my computer apart to rebuild it again.


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  1. 1333 MHz is the default setting. Anything faster than that will need tweaking in the bios (overclock), usually just a different profile setting, Profile 1 1333, P2 1600, P3 1866, something like that.
  2. Yeah I found it earlier, but it's weird.. When I set it to 1866, it tells me "Overclock failed. Enter setup blah blah blah."

    When I set it to 1600, it works just fine... So I'm gonna mess around later and see what I can figure out.

    Thanks for the reply!
  3. You might need to manually up the voltage some to get it to run at that speed. Did you do any overclocking on the cpu? If so there are other factors affecting it. Like vtt voltage for example might also need to be increased.
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