M2N68-AM_PLUS 95w or 125w

I just upgraded a sys and have leftovers a M2N68-AM_PLUS and a x4 955be asus says 95w others claim 125w of course I have a x4 955be which can be either arrgh!! Anyone know if this will be worth slapping together or a total waist of what little patience I have left??


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  1. Since it's the Black Edition 955, it's definitely a 125W CPU. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103808

    There is a 95W 955, but it's not a Black Edition (and I think it was only available in pre-built OEM systems).

    So, the 955BE that you have probably won't work, unfortunately.

    Edit: I just realized that CPU-Upgrade says that the 125W 955 actually is compatible, but I really don't understand how, since the BIOS shouldn't even recognize it, according to Asus themselves.

    A 125W CPU should be limited to only 800Mhz on that board (even if it does somehow boot), since it's supposedly not supported.

    One thing that may be a glimmer of hope here is that Asus doesn't specifically say that only up to 95W CPU's are supported, there just aren't any in the support list...
  2. I decided to scrap the whole thing, it was going to put a media sever but it was more work than it was worth, I ended up getting a Roku which does all the netflix/holu stuff but it also has a "plex" channel that turns all my local content into my own little netflix/pandora channel, pretty slick..
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