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How fast is a8-3500m

i've heard that the a8-3500m has the speed of a i3-2310m?
is that true?
is AMD really that far behind?

can someone tell me how fast a8-3500m compare to intel's.

can it compare to first gen i5 processor?
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    I do not know where you got that info from, but they are not realy comparible. Depending on the rest of the laptops specs the A8-3500m is a much better choise.

    The I3 is much faster per core but is only a duel with 2 threads whereass teh A8 is a full fledged quad core.

    Also the A8 has built in Graphics card thats actually worth something. NOT Intel HD junk.

    If you are looking at pure CPU performance, then go for I3, if you looking for more of a balance with the option to game, take the AMD.

    They are not really comparible in such a way as they are for different purposes.

    And no and yes that AMD 'that' behind.
    In the High Performance(500$ and up market) AMDs performance is horrid, but they are still a viable choice for many situations.
  2. To start with, AMD currently do not have a CPU that can compare with the Core i3/i5/i7 series. The Phenom II and Bulldozer series are more in line with Intel's older Core 2 Duo CPUs.

    AMD's Llano APU cores are based on the older Athlon II cores which are roughly 8% - 12% less powerful than the Phenom II and Bulldozer.
  3. The A8 3500m is clocked at 1.5GHz. The Core i3 2310 is clocked at 2.1GHz. In order for the A8 to equal the CPU processing power of the Core i3 it would have be clocked at around 2.0GHz in my opinion.

    The good news is the A8 has a better graphics core so games will play better on the A8 than the i3.
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