Mobo help needed for 3570k: Asrock pro, extreme, ASUS, or gigabyte?

Hello, I am upgrading my existing PC, and I have already bought:

Processor: Core i5 3570K
Memory: GSkill ripjaws 2 X 4GB 1600 MHz
PSU: Corsair Enthusiast TX650 W
Graphics card: MSI twin Frozr 7950

OS: Win 7 x64

Primary concern: Gaming and emulation performance.

I am still undecided about the mobo; I intend to do some overclocking, nothing hard core; whatever (may be 4.3 GHz max?) is possible using the stock cooler. I don't need crossfire support, don't need to connect more than 2 SATA HDD, and only concerned in gaming and game emulator performances.

Even though my budget is $140 for the mobo, I want to go for the one that costs me least. I want to buy the mobo that serves my purpose best, no fancy features are needed.
I have short listed:
Asrock: Z77 Pro3, Z77 Pro4, Z77 Extreme4 ,
ASUS: P8Z77-V LK, P8Z77-V LX,
Gigabyte:GA-Z77X-D3H, GA-Z77-D3H

I have avoided microATX mobos since I need an PCI-e 1x above the graphics card slot for an IDE controller card.

In some forums I have read that VIA audio on gigabyte mobos are very bad, in some others people were saying that they are the best !!! So I am totally confused. Can somebody please suggest which one will be the best performing one for the above mentioned functions and still cost me least?
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  1. All 3 brands are great. The Extreme4 is solid and is rather cheap. However, I have had some USB issues during OS installation with the Extreme4 which was a minor gripe.

    I have owned a Gigabyte z68 and found the on-board audio to be just fine. As long as you have the proper drivers installed there should not be an issue.

    Go with whatever is cheapest. Most new mobos have fancy features but you don't have to use them.
  2. I read somewhere that:
    1. asrock warranty/RMA coverage will only by fulfilled via the retailer (new egg for me).
    2. Etreme4 has gold capped capacitors vs all solid in pro series; the former having better life time.
    3, The power phase in pro series is 4+1, and in extreme4 it is 8+2, which is better for overclocking.

    Are the above issues important if I am going for pro3? I mean, is 4.2/4.3GHz on stock cooler possible with the pro3 with 4+1 power phase?
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