EVGA GTX 560ti 2GB Please give us a review?

Currently it is very hard to find information on the Evga gtx 560ti and 560 2GB cards. I know they are very new but please someone that has experience or use with these cards please write a review or atleast give us some insight on these cards.

I have searched the internet for hours trying to get some insight of how the extra 1 Gb of memory translates into the cards performance and i have found nothing. Newegg has 5 reviews of the none ti edition but im looking for more answers!

Please Please Help me and the rest of the community!

Also unless you actually have experience with the card please dont post i dont want to hear someones opinion who has never seen the card used. However if anyone has benchmarks for the 2GB versions that would be very helpful!
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  2. Adding another gig of memory to this card is simply a selling point. There are many, many people who seem to believe that more is always better (1333mhz memory, 1600mhz memory, 1800mhz, 2000mhz memory etc.)
    People will pay more for bigger numbers whether it means anything or not, and I have witnessed this first hand in the retail stores myself.

    The following scene I witnessed in a Fry's one afternoon, honest.
    Salesman to customer......This GPU is brand new! This Palit 8800GT has 2 gig of memory! Yes 2 gig! it is the most powerful card we have on the shelf right now for the money, it is only $389!
    Customer to Salesman.....Really?!?! WOW!! We were lucky to come in today and be able to get one while you still have them in stock.....OMG I have to get one of those beasts!
    I quietly pick up the 8800GTS G92 512meg OC card for $229 with a $30 instant rebate right next to it and walk away shaking my head in disbelief.

    I would offer though, that high resolutions, high detail settings, a pair of these cards in SLI with a high end CPU like an overclocked i7 would very likely show some benefits. 2 -1 gig cards means double the raw power, but you only get 1 gig of memory, so putting a couple of 2 giger's in SLI would realize you a full 2 gig of memory available for 2 cards working together. That I wouldn't mind seeing benchmarks for, but I still think the gain would be very slight.

    I don't have any actual benchmarks and I don't have one myself ( I do have the 1 gig version), but there is my 2 cents worth anyway, take it or leave it.
  3. @jitpublisher, Well put really, most people dont need 2gb of video ram and if the Op wants to drop this much money on a 560ti its his choice for a bit more the 570 is much better and the 580 will rip it apart to boot.
  4. Because im going to sli and the extra memory willc ome in handy at higher resolutions!
  5. Then why did you even ask for a review, there aren't any good ones because most people know its a waste of money, get a better card.
  6. I was asking for a review because i couldnt find any, and i was curious as to how these cards do vs say the 570, or 6950. I wasnt saying that this card was better than anyone elses i just wanted a review. I read 2 of the 3 you had there which were very helpful for me. A simple tbh here are the reviews and from the reviews that you can read your self there are better cards out there would have been awesome.

    Instead you just came off as an asshole!
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