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My Current Cpu amd athlon 64 x2 5600+ Its 2.8ghz though I have read it is easily changed to 3ghz and stable If I wanted to overclock. Which I rather not do unless I had too. Anyhow I plan on ordering a Video card Gtx 560 Ti next month Which I did research on and is strong enough to push basically anything. And was wondering if my Cpu would really hold me back much. My Screen Resolution is 1440x900. Though I prob play games on 1280x720 To lessen the load on Cpu. FXAA and AA is stuff I Dont use in Games. Whats your guys opinions? Would I be able to play newer games like BF3 Or Skyrim on max detail or atleast high keeping a steady fps? Or will my cpu hold me back too much?
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  1. Your CPU is going to hold you back on a number of newer games, and a small overclock won't solve that problem. Your CPU is several generations old and only a dual core, it still meets minimum requirements on the games and they'll run, but it falls below recommended on a lot of newer games. Battlefield 3 gets very cpu intensive online and basically all dual core processors struggle with high player counts.

    You'll be able to game as long as your ok with some lag spikes and terrible minimum frame rates in some games.
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