AMD Phenom II X6 1055...cannot run BF3

I know this may sound redundant, and I know there were many posts on whether or not a CPU/GPU can run Battlefield 3. I just can't seem to find the solution to my specific problem at hand.

So this is my PC setup...

ASUS Crosshair III Formula AM3 motherboard
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T *stock speeds*
ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB, Directx 11 support
2x2gb DDR3 ram I installed BF3 and played for the first time. I set the video settings to "auto", which automatically adjusts to high settings. Almost immediately, after I launch the campaign, my gameplay lags beyond control. Everytime I move my mouse to the left or right, there is a few second delay before it actually happens. When I shoot, there is also a few second delay. When I try to strafe left/right or walk front/back, there is also a few second delay. Afterwards, I adjusted the video settings back to medium, and it still does not solve my issue. I then adjusted for low settings and the same thing happens.

I did a benchmark of my FPS as follows using FRAPS utility:
Medium: min 38, max 62, avg 49
low: min 40, max 63, avg 53

So then I installed BF3 onto my brother's PC to test the issue. Here are the specs of his PC:
ASUS Crosshair IV AM3
AMD Phenom II X4 965
ATI Radeon HD 5850

...and to my astonishment, the game runs ever so smooth with no lag at all. His rig was able to run BF3 on high settings throughout - lag free. So what I did was I swapped his HD5850 to replace my HD5770, loaded up BF3 and the same problem occurs!!! I updated latest ATI driver already, and it still does not run smooth.

Sorry about the long post, as I have searched every where for answers and I just can't seem to find the solution. It has been 3 days of tweaking and changing hardware/software and I still cannot fix my BF3 gameplay. Many thanks.
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  1. It's not your 1055T preventing you from playing, your getting good fps but experiencing horrible input lag from the sounds of it.

    Don't know if it'll effect anything, but have you tried a different keyboard/mouse or moved them to different USB ports? It's worth a shot, simple to try. I'm gonna hit google and see if I can find any better advice, BF3 does have a lot of bugs right now too, a patch is coming soon to fix a variety of things. I personally cannot play co op because my keyboard/mouse won't function in that mode but the rest of the game works fine for me.
  2. yeah no way its 1055t, i have 1090t at stock clock at bf3 runs super smooth without even 1 hiccup, yeah sounds like input variables, theres nooooo way its the 1055t
  3. It seems both raw mouse input and V sync can cause mouse related problems, you could try disabling/enabling those if you haven't already.
  4. there's an 11.11a driver from AMD and there's a brand new patch for BF3 that covers some of this. Look into it.
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    there's an 11.11a driver from AMD and there's a brand new patch for BF3 that covers some of this. Look into it.

    I have updated to the latest driver of 11.11a from AMD. No dice.
  6. I have switched both the mouse and keyboard from my brother's computer and it still causes the same problem.
  7. what about the game patch ? there was something in it about mouse lagg or something.
  8. Solved. It was indeed the mouse input. I had to disable raw mouse input, and everything seems fine.

    Excellent FPS from my HD5770 and X6 1055T.
  9. Thanks for the update, that is indeed very odd, glad you were able to fix it!
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