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Firstly, apologies for the amateur nature of this question. My knowledge of computers is limited. I am wanting to upgrade my current CPU - AMD 3800+ (Single core), to an AMD 4200+ dual core. I only use the computer for internet browsing and my son uses it for homework and the occasional game, thus we don't require anything extremely powerful. What benefits in system performance should I expect to see when I install the new processor?
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  1. Can you please give the exact model numbers or links to the 2 CPUs.

    Generally it would be a massive improvement. In most cases when moving to a deul core performance will double if apps support 2 threads/cores.

    You will also benefit in many other ways, you will be able to tab (alt+tab) between applications with minimal lag and less RAM usage.

    But the actual performance differance is relative and to give you an idea we need the exact details of the CPUs.
  2. Can you please supply the exact make and model of the motherboard? Download and run CPU-Z if you are unsure.
  3. The 3800+ came in two different sockets types as did the X2 4200+.
    If its 939 socket it will be extremely hard to get a x2 4200+ and it will cost you a lot.
    If its AM2 socket it will be slightly easier, but it will still cost you a fair amount.

    Odds are it will cost about half the price of a new tower.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. I have managed to obtain a socket 939 based 4200+ x2 cpu, which is all my motherboard supports. The manual for the motherboard tells me that it's a k8tneo 2. In brackets - via k8t800 pro.

  5. Yes it should support it without any trouble.
    Nice fine getting a x2 4200+ 939 in decent condition :-)

    You should notice a nice improvement on most day to day things, enough to warrant the work replacing it.
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