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Hello, I have MS-7525 (Boston) motherboard with Intel dual core e2220 2.4ghz processor,2gb kingstone ddr2 ram.I am buying a new PSU.Can anyone tell me about which PSU is good for me.
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  1. Do you have a Graphics card?
  2. I am thinking to buy a hd5770 1gb but i don't know about how many pin connecter it need and how my pin connecter my PSU had?
  3. I am thinking to buy a hd5770 1gb but i don't know about how many pin connecter it need and how my pin connecter my PSU had?
  4. Then you buy the PSU to accomadate your HD5770, although I would suggest an HD6770 as the pricing would be damn close by now (better Crossfire scaling and a few other usefull additions).

    It has one 6-pin PCIe power connector.

    I would suggest :

    Good reliable brand with enough of a safety margin to what AMD suggests (500w).
  5. my motherboard supports this PSU or not.
  6. My PSU had: One 24-pin ATX power connector
    One 4-pin ATX power connector
    Four SATA connectors
    One floppy drive connector
    Two 12v fan connectors for CPU fan and PC fan
    One 9-pin header for power button, reset button, power LED, and HDD LED
    Two USB 2.0 headers
    One SPDIF audio output connector
    One 9-pin audio header for headphone-out and microphone-in (yellow, Vista capable, requires matching front audio jack module) . Is my motherboard supports this PSU?
  7. Yes it does.

    Both your motherboard and that PSU are standard ATX power.
  8. Can you give me few other links,where i can buy this.
  9. Where are you situated?
  10. In Punjab,india.
  11. Hmmm i do not know any online site in india, your on your own. When buying a PSU, just ask and I will check if its compatible.
  12. Ok,thanks man.
  13. Can anyone tell me a HX650W CORSAIR PROFESSIONAL SERIES PSU.Is it compatible with my system?
  14. Can anyone tell me that which one is better for me.CORSAIR CX-650W,CORSAIR TX-650w or a Antec NEO ECO 620C 620W.
  15. CORSAIR TX-650w = The best one between those.
  16. What about CORSAIR HX-650W PSU?
  17. Much better as it is modular, neater.
  18. Do you think that I should go for a hx-650w?
  19. Depends on the price difference to the TX-650w, if it isn't too much of a difference then yes.
  20. Prices are here: CX-650w=3600rps, TX-650w=5300rps, HX-650w=6800rps.Now with which one i should go?
  21. TX-650w. Modular is just too expensive.
  22. Thanks man for the advice.
  23. Pleasure mate.
  24. Hello, I am planing to buy a ATI HD6770 1gb GDDR5 Graphics card and a is my system specs: Intel dual core E2220 2.4GHZ,Kingston 2gb DDR2 RAM,MS-7525 (Boston) motherboard. MY question is that which PSU to buy and why?
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    PSU and Graphics card
  26. Can anyone suggest which one is better for me: CORASIR CX-600w or OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
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