ATA-100 + Win 2K problems

Hello all.
I'm sure there have already been people who encountered this. So, any help would be great. I have an ASUS A7V with an Ultra-ATA 100 HD recently installed.
I've been trying to install windows 2K using the setup disks on the computer, but it doesn't seem to be recognizing the HD. After all the preparation, when it gets ready to install on the hard disk, there are none to choose from the list. So, currently I'm running Windows ME...
I recall hearing that you had to actually set up the ATA-100 controller in a certain way before installing Win2K. But I didn't think I would need to upgrade, but now I do. So, if anyone can help me out, it would be great. Thanks.
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  1. if i remember correctly
    when you start installing win2000 from the scratch
    it will ask for SCSI controller at the beginning
    put in the ata100 driver then and it should work
  2. The Asus A7V manual says you cant install of that controller you have to install off of the normal controller then install the ata-100driver THEN move it to the ata-100 after it is fully installed, i thought this was bs and i only have 2 ide devices (scsi burner) so i just left them as masters on the main controller freed up some irqs turning off the extra controller
    that might look illiterate but ive been up a long time ;(

    Bored,Certified Tech
  3. Is anybody still watching this old topic for replies? Just curiosity
  4. Hello, You have to hit the "F6" key during the fist stage of setup. This is echoed at the bottom of the screen (Blue screen White writing). If you do not load the drivers during setup you will certainly run into problems later. Hope this is helpful to you.
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