Need advice on new system :)

Hey all first time posting on the forum :)

I'd like some advice on a new build that I am planning to purchase in the next couple of days, details are as follows:

Intel CPU Core i7-2600K
Kingston DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 12800/1600 CL9 PnP HyperX Ram
Antec Continuous Power 850W
Cooler Master HAF X 942
2 x Asus ATI RADEON 6950
Kingston 64GB SSDNow V100 Series, SATA II, TRIM, 2.5" (purely for the win7)
And im using my other hard drives and cd-drive that I already have

My main concern though is that the giant 6950's won't both fit on the maximus motherboard. I really love this motherboard and I hope one of you can tell me if 2 would fit or not? :)

Also, general feedback on my build is appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. What will you be using this system for? If you will be mostly gaming, you should drop the intel core i7 2600k. Buy the i5 2500k, save the extra $100 for a different part.
    The two cards should work just fine on that motherboard.
    Overview from Newegg:
    "The Maximus IV Gene-Z has 2x PCIe-16 slots, allowing for graphics cards to run in SLI or CrossFireX mode"
  2. Yes mostly gaming but I chose that CPU to future-proof just in case I start video editing/rendering etc

    Yeah I know that they will work, just the fact if they will fit, they are really big cards, the asus ones
  3. The main concerns with whether or not a graphics card fits:

    1. How big is your case? The ASUS cards are 11" or 11.7" long(depends on the model). Make sure that your case has that much clearance for the graphics card + a little more for ease of install. The Cooler Master HAF X 942 can fit up to 12.5" cards (maybe a little more so your good there.

    2. Correct Slot(s). For Crossfire you will need two full size PCIe v2 slots (preferably @ x16/x16). That Mobo does.

    3. No interfering connectors below the graphics card(s) that will be used for connecting peripherals (HDD, CD/DVD, etc.). ASUS usually places the SATA connectors at the front of the board and then uses right angle connectors to avoid interfering with large graphics cards. The Maximus IV Gene-Z does this so your good there too.
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