ASRock Z77 Pro4 vs. Pro3 for modest gamer

Hey-o everyone!

Let me start-off by saying that it has been AGES since i've put a system together and i wanted some advise on my final MoBo selection.

I am stuck between getting a ASRock Z77 pro4 or a z77 pro3.
These are the only noticeable differences i can see is that the PRO4 has 2 more SATA 6GB and 2 more USB2.0 ports than the PRO3.

ALSO, I don't plan to OC this rig, compared to what i am using now i will be blown away at the difference in performance.

I will link all of my combo's at the end so that you can see where i am going with the build. the price diff between the pro3 combo to the pro4 combo is $20. Are the two extra USB and SATA ports worth it?

Pro4 MoBo and SSD combo:

Pro3 MoBo and SSD combo:

Case and HDD combo:

CPU and PSU combo:

GPU and RAM combo:

Then add about $120 USD for fresh Win7 and a dvd burner

Total build cost including OS and Optical drive = $947 before a whopping $9 shipping. i think that seems to be a fair price, but if there are alterations that would better suit this build let me know.
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  1. I believe you got yourself in a lil tussle
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