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Having problems with my computer and charger.

So the last couple of days, my charger has been acting weird. While still plugged in to the wall and the laptop, it just suddenly stops charging my laptop. The only way to get it to start charging my laptop again is to unplug it and then plug it back in. I'm not sure, but I think it only does this whenever someone uses the computer. I would be sure of it, but last night I got off my laptop and went to bed. Though, when I woke up this morning, it had died last night because the battery was no longer being charged. No one used the computer, but the charger had stopped powering it.

My computer is:
Manufacturer; Acer
Model; Aspire 5552
Processor; AMD Athlon(tm) II P340 Dual-Core Processor 2.20 GHz
Installed memory (RAM); 4.00 GB (3.74 usable)
System type; 64-bit Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium

Whenever the charger stops working the power light, charger light, and the power button light all flash at the same time.

Any advice would help. I don't know what's going on.
I don't know if it's the computer or the charger or what have you.
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  1. Sounds like it could be time for a new charger, or on the down side it could be the charging dock in your laptop
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    Sounds like a dud battery from the flashing lights description, try removing the battery then plugging the charger in and see if it makes any difference to the lights/indicators, if it does I blame the battery if it doesn't then maybe the chargers at fault, also try riggling/jiggling the charger plug to see if there is an intermittent connection, if there is it could be your charger plug or laptop power socket at fault.
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