AM3 motherboard w/ CF support

Hi guys,

This is my first post here so i don't know if anyone will be replying.

Here's my question: I currently hv a HD6850 and i want to add one more and crossfire it, problem is, my current motherboard doesn't support crossfire.
My specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 640
GPU: Sapphire hd 6850
Case: Some Coolermaster Elite cheap case ATX
Powersupply: 550W

So will my powersupply be able to afford two cards, also will my coolermaster case do the job or do i need a bigger one and what boards do u guys recommend?
Help will be appreciated,
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    Hi Ted. Of course some one will reply. This is a nice board.

    The PSU may or may not work. What brand and model is it?

    The CoolerMaster Case could work fine if there are enough fans inside. The 6850 is not terribly hot. Does your card exhaust the air into the case, or out of the case?

    As for a motherboard, you need a board that will do 2 x PCIe 16 at x8/x8, not x16/x4. This board looks like a winner:
  2. Thanks for the reply :D My PSU i think it's coolermaster, GX series 550w , as for the case here is the link : i'm not sure whether it has enough fans nor the exhaust thingy.
    Also, will there be cheaper alternatives for the board? I wouldn't mind if there weren't just asking.
    THanks again, i hope u'll answer,
    TEd :D
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  4. Don't worry about the heat, it can be easily solved with fans if it ends up being a little hot. And, your PSU will be fine for another card. It will be running near max capacity but it will work. No use in buying a new unit until the old one gives up.

    As for motherboard, that was the cheapest I could find with dual slots faster than 16x, 4x, which you dont want. That one little feature costs a lot compared to other boards. Maybe consider just getting a single faster card? It may cost as much as card + mobo.
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