I have a motherboard I purchased from RE-PC and it looks like (according to siw and sysspec) I have a board that came from a Gateway GT5656. I was wondering where the pll ic chip is as I could not find it on the board and want to overclock my processor and if it helps I have a ELITEGROUP MCP61PM-AM motherboard.
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  1. PLEASE HELP I really need to find my pll ic chip
  2. This may help (, but what will you do once you find it? If your motherboard is, then the crystal is close to the back audio connectors and the PLL chip should be next to it.
  3. I want it because I want to overclock my CPU and thanks for someone finally responding
  4. Why did you buy that motherboard if you wanted to overclock? Even if you know what PLL is used, overclocking through software may not work.
  5. I figured out how to get my BIOS (phoenix 6.00 pg) to over clock my cpu I hit ctrl + f1 and the cpu freq appears so I think it's safer and better to do it through the BIOS
  6. I agree.
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