Need advice for Gaming PC, Budget $5,000

Approximate Purchase Date: Between now and Sept 15th.

Budget Range: $5,000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming in eyefinity/ Nvidia surround

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitors, headphones.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: comfertable buying from newegg, but would be open to other sites.

Parts Preferences: Intel processor, Asus Mobo, Full tower prefered blue lighting if possible to match the rest of my gear.

Overclocking: I do not know enough about overclocking to not burn up my system so I will say No.

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, and 5760x1200

Additional Comments:

I have been looking at the COOLER MASTER HAF X Blue Edition

and I was planning on running either Dual EVGA GeForce GTX 590 Classified Hydro Copper or EVGA GeForce GTX 590 Classified .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.
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  1. If you just want the computer itself (along with all the components inside the computer) then $5000 is OVERKILL. I rarely see computers go over $2000 and only saw one go over $4000, and it was a computer designed for graphics intense 3d modelling ($1.5k graphics card)
  2. This guy is either trolling or is new, cause I wouldn't go over a budget of $1500 for a new computer, since Computers double in efficiency every 18 months
  3. While I thank you both for your constructive criticism, this is not a troll post. When I decided to build a computer, I was comparing my budget to a top end ailenware system and after reading several dozen posts on this site, I thought I would ask for advice. I would also like to point out just because I have a max budget of $5,000 doesn't mean that's what I have to spend, it is just the top of what I am able to spend. To that end I would also ask if you do not have any actually usable advice for what I should look at for parts/systems, that you please do not waste space on this post with wasted time running me down on how much I can spend on a computer.

    Thank you in advance for all of your assistance and time.
  4. At 5000 dollars on Newegg, you probably can throw in a the best of everything.

    My build is approaching 3000 already. Probably about another thousand before it's finished. That HAF X tower will serve you well, just add on the fans like the extra 200mm top one and so on. There should be 4 loctite blue screws that need to go on the big fan up top when you install it. You will see that the black screws have the blue loctite chemical on the threads.

    Video cards? Well essentially you are going to be looking at nothing less than the best. Heck you probably can do a triple or quad SLI or Crossfire with the correct motherboard and crush anyone you game against provided you have the power to feed em.

    Check your PSU choices and make sure if you need that 20 amp T Plug, have a Electrician install one for you in your home. Those are nothing to be fooling around with.

    You will want to protect your build with a big battery UPS that can clean up the crappy dirty utility power and make it clean for your machine. I use them myself. Heck, my house has one as well as a generator. I only need about 10 to 20 kWh a day.

    If I had 5K, I would have gotten the Intel Extreme 1366 CPU and the biggest lowest timing fastest ram that is availible on the planet along with a fistful of Revos. And that would be just to start. I already spent 1200 myself on two Lighting 580 XE's in SLI. I know in about a month or two new stuff is coming out prior to the holidays.

    Good luck!

    As a side note, at 5K I would simply save myself the hassle and call Falcon Northwest or something; however I do enjoy building systems very much.

    say u replace the graphics card with 2 590s, it'll still be around $3600 and yet, the i7 980X is not the best processor for gaming either...
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    I would go for something like this:

    i7 2600k ($315)
    Cooler Master Hyper 212+ CPU cooler($28)
    Gigabyte z68 UD4 ($160)
    8 GBs of G.skill Ripjaws X Series 1600 MHz, CAS 8, 1.5 Volts ($70)

    I'm having trouble figuring out which GPU configuration would serve you best. I feel like 2 590s at $1500 might be overkill, but two 580's won't max all your games across three screens. Have you considered a 6990 + 6970 trifire configuration?

    Sapphire 6990($730)
    Sapphire 6970...

    Hmm, there seems to be a shortage of 6970's. Not sure why that is.

    PSU would be Corsair AX1200 ($260), which will last you forever. You could probably step down to the Corsair HX1050 for $200. I think AMD recommends at least 750 Watts for a system with the 6990, so if you go trifire you'll probably want to add at least another 200 or so Watts. The 1200 Watt power supply would be justified, I think. You don't want to redline your PSU whenever you're playing games. You won't get the best efficiency or life that way. So yeah, AX1200.

    HAF X is a solid case.

    Hard Drives

    My recommendation would be to get a 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 as your boot drive, and a 40 GB SSD Cache like this Mushkin Callisto($95). I would recommend a Corsair F40, but they are out of stock, as are a lot of things it seems like.

    I only recommend this because I look at my program files, and they alone are around 200 GBs. A 240 GB ssd is still too expensive, I think. The SSD Cache on the Z68 platform is a nice sensible way to get the hdd-related speed boost.

    Then grab a 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green for storing your movies and music and junk.

    Get a Blu-ray drive, enjoy high-def 3D movies, be fulfilled.

    I haven't added it all up, but I'm sure it's under your budget and meets your needs?

    EDIT: Totals about $2178. I estimated the cost of a blu-ray drive to be $80, and the 2 TB green drive at $80. The 1 TB Spinpoint F3 is $60, I believe.
  7. Thank you everyone for all the great advice, it has given me alot to think about. Will air cooling the CPUs and GPUs be enough to keep them from over heating under load from games like BF3 in 5760x1200 at max settings?
  8. That is one of the things we are going to find out.

    That is what the window airconditioning and cold weather jacket is for. I game in a small room down here in the south.

    Winters are easier.
  9. Just one thing though.

    No more cable wads are allowed inside the video card area. They only stuff up everything and make airflow nearly impossible, no matter how many fans you put on.

    I had a build years ago stuffed with the little monster Tornadoes from vantec. Sounded like a 707 back in the non noise restricted days.

    Eventually the tornadoes plugged solid and the computer burned up. Heh... if it aint broke, you aint learning.

    I think I recall someone who built a computer case out of absolutely nothing but high performance fans. Like a hundred or more to make it happen. Another built a box, poured a non conductive liquid to fill it. Many people complained of losing computers because they were stupid and used tap water instead. =)
  10. Hello Bruder,

    The good folks here at Tom's just helped me get my parts list together. We both have the same budget so I thought you would like to see what I am putting together to get an idea of what you may want.

    CASE - Antec Twelve Hundred (LOTS of blue lighting)

    CPU - Core i7 2600K

    CPU Cooler - Zalman 9900 with blue LED
    (Couldn't find this one with the blue LED on newegg)

    MOBO - Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z

    GPU - eVGA GTX 590 (I will be getting 2 of these!!!)

    PSU - Corsair Professional Series Gold AX 1200W

    RAM - GSKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB 2133MHz

    HDD - Western Digital VelociRaptor 600GB

    SSD - May still get a small one if needed for some reason
    (I have not decided yet if I will get this 60GB or get a 120GB)

    Everything together along with a few other goodies will be about $3500 before mail in rebates from
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