With current drivers: GTX 570, HD 6950 (unlocked), 6970

I just sold my HD 5850 (bitcoin miners...) Any want to upgrade it to at least a 6950. Mainly for upcoming games, BF3 ect.

As far as prices are concerned I can get a used unlocked/unlockable 6950 for $240-260 or a EVGA GTX 570 SC for $275ish. HD 6970s are going for ~$300ish

I've read many reviews and benchmarks that showed the 570 SC had a performance advantage, but that was when the card came out and all of these cards have had new drivers that people seem to say have improved performance.

So at the current state of the cards, which one would you prefer?

My PSU is a corsair hx620
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  1. With those prices I recommend either 6950(get it and unlock it) or the GTX 570 SC(because it's faster than 6950)
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