Upgrading a motherboard, help with Motherboard and CPU compatibility c

Im planning to upgrade my motherboard (Intel D102GGC2) and still be able to use my current Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 640 3.2 GHz CPU.
Im also buying GTX 560 so I’ll need that PCIE 2.0 x16 but still prefer buying a motherboard under $90

Will this board work?


or any other advise?
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  1. Nope, that motherboard won't work with Pentium 4 cpu.
    Pentium 4 640 runs on LGA 775 cpu socket.
    H61 socket is LGA 1155 so it is not compatible with Pentium 4 cpu.
  2. Better upgrade the CPU and buy a cheaper graphic card.
  3. thanks guys.
    the GPU is not an option, i've to get that one!
    ok if i have to upgrade CPU too. how is this one

    Intel® Core™ i3-540 @ 3.06

    and suggest me any motherboard under $60, if the above are not good enough

    btw i use my pc for 3D app like maya, mudbox and gaming is a plus.
    ps. i have a DDR2 RAM and this motherboards say "Memory Standard: DDR3 1333/1066" is that a problem
  4. Core i3 2100 with H61 MOBO.
    You need DDR3 RAM which is cheaper than DDR2 RAM.
  5. ugh, + i have to buy a ram too. its almost buying a new pc.. :cry:
    u mean H61 MOBO the Biostar?
  6. Yes.
    DDR2 RAM will only work on DDR2 motherboard.
    DDR3 RAM will only work on DDR3 motherboard.
    For example
    DDR3 RAM are cheap nowdays.
    Try to get at least 4GB
  7. Ok then, i when with G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB (2 x 4GB)
    and one last question does this motherboard support the Intel Core i3-540 3.06GHZ, the spec says "..supports latest socket LGA 1155 Intel® 2nd Generation Core™ i7 / i5 / i3 Processors." and i think i3 is 1st(Previous) Generation
    Link to motherboard:

    Or maybe i should go with this
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    Core i3-540 is LGA 1156 and will not work with H61 motherboard.
    Core i3 2100 will work on H61 motherboard as it is an LGA 1155 cpu.
    H61 motherboard will work only with LGA 1155 cpu.
    If your on budget you should get at least a pentium dual core g620,g630,g840 or g850.
  9. Thank You unreal for your help!
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  11. Your welcome
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