Help - Updating BIOS on Asus P8Z68-V MB

The BIOS on my MB is ver 3201, so I went to Asus website and picked up the rom for ver 3402.

I put the file on a FAT32 USB drive, went to BIOS settings->Tools->EZ Flash 2.
When I select the ROM and try to read it I get this error: "Image integrity check failed".

I tried updating with BUpdater in DOS mode. But there I get this error: "this bios file is not compatible with current BIOS".

Can anyone help me with this please?
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  1. We'll I was finally able to update the BIOS. I had the wrong file. My boards is P8Z68-V Gen3 & not P8Z68-V. My bad!!

    Now when I set the MB to boot in UEFI mode, the BOOT Device LED glows red. I had this problem before updating the BIOS & I thought updating the BIOS would fix it, but apparently it doesn't. I had been using the MB in UEFI mode for some time with the older BIOS, but suddenly this problem popped-up.

    I can boot fine in Legacy BIOS mode. The problem is only with UEFI mode. Does anyone know about this?
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