Huge Cpu problem. Please help

Ok so recently while I was doing my normal work online, my computer just straight up froze. I went to turn it back on, and it went straight to the login screen like normal, then went to the start up menu as normal. As I start clicking again, it freezes once again, this time when I restart it, it won't even load the login screen. The original operating system was Vista and I grabbed 2 disks in the mail to upgrade to Windows 7. I cannot find my recovery disks either. I went and bought a new hard drive and borrowed windows Xp disks from my friend and I'm getting some of the same errors from before. The computer will start up and I'll put the windows Xp recovery disk in and then it will say "No disks for raid to use, raid disabled." Then go straight to a black screen that says Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. Can anyone please help me, I've tried everything, reconnecting cables, buying this new hard drive. I just don't understand what's wrong. Thanks.
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  1. i can help you with the last part, when it begins its post, usually the picture of the manufacturer, it will say a button for BIOS setting (if its not there think creatively quicly press all the f1-12 keys and delete) it will bring you into there, i dont know what menu it will be in, but it will give you the boot order of devices, goto the third device and make it your main hardrive (that is if you have 2 or more if you only have one just your hardrive :P) hope that helps with that problem, and while your at it... watch for the usb devices you have plugged in, i have problems with usb to sd adapters, they always stop windows from booting for me (on 2 pc's XD)
  2. I tried switching the boot order, it still doesn't work. Some information on my computer is:
    Hp pavillion e9120y
    Bios revision 5.07
    Cpu type Amd phenmom(tm) II X4 910 processor
    Cache ram (L2) 512kb X4
    Cahce Ram (L3) 6144 Kb
    Sata controller [Enabled]
    Sata 1 controller mode [Raid]
  3. Install a fresh copy of windows 7 on your new HDD, Connect your old HDD, Scan for viruses/malwares, copy important files, and format the old drive.

    IMO it should work :)
  4. ^^ Unless its a hardware problem, and he just wasted a few hours without actually accomplishing anything. Formatting is an admission of defeat, nothing more.

    First and formost, very few things can cause windows to hard lock, and the most common are:
    1: Significant memory problems [run memtest86 for a few passes to check]
    2: Insufficient PSU output

    Whats your PSU?
  5. Stock PSUs in OEM computers tend to be barely more than the minimum required power. If it is the one that came with the computer and it is approaching 2 - 3 years old it may be that it has deteriorated below working capacity.

    I find it odd, though, that it would be failing at the parts the OP said it is failing at. Right when you load windows and you are going to the start menu is not a time when the maximum amount of juice is being drawn from the PC.

    I would think if it could pass the short period of max draw right when the OP pushes the power button to turn it on then it should be able to pass this part of the computer usage as well.

    It doesn't really sound like memtest86 would do anything, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    I am close to suggesting an admission of defeat and re-installing the OS. Corrupted OS install doesn't sound that far off, not like it hurts anything anyway. It is good every once in a while to blow away the registry and get rid of all of the remnants of things long gone that are still and will always be slowing things down.
  6. Ok so how do I know which memtest to use for my comp? There's so many.
  7. Hi moretto1991

    there is memtest86 (original project)

    and memtest86+ (when memtest86 was not updated for a few years memtest86+ project was started)

    these are related projects by different teams

    recent ones of either will do unless you have the latest hardware. (then go for the latest version)

    they are available in floppy disk, ISO for CD or a Linux boot loader version
    I would go for ISO / CD version. (quicker download)
    ( Though the Linux version is included in some Linux rescue disks such as parted magic)

    Mike Barnes
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