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I am going to be building a home server, it will be my first server build although I've built many computers.
Purpose is learning, web hosting, and computing. My absolute max budget is $1500.
Heres the plan so far, I really need brand opinion on barebones (between Intel, Asus, Supermicro)
I plan on getting everything off newegg and want quality parts.

• 3x WD1001FALS 1TB HDDs in a RAID 5 configuration
• Looking for a 1U or 2U barebone kit with PSU < 350w
• Barebone kit must have 3-4 HDD slots and CD drive would be preferable.
• Would like two CPU slots although I would only buy one CPU at first. I can live with a mobo that only has one CPU slot.
• Want the ability to put a minimum of 24GB of DDR3 1333 UDIMM although I'll probably only get 8GB-12GB to start with
• Want a Quad Core Intel Xeon CPU
• Need a good 1U or 2U CPU cooler

• Plan on installing free version of XenServer (never used it, guessing this acts as my boot OS?)
• Want to set up at least one virtual machine with CentOS
• Want to set up at least one virtual machine with Windows Server 2008 R2 (already have it)
• Plan on encrypting all virtual machines (TrueCrypt for both Windows and Linux)

I also plan on upgrading my internet to comcast business class with a static IP.

Any other considerations I've missed? All help is appreciated!
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  1. ^^^ Bump anyone?
  2. it appears that nobody cares about servers ... here at tom's everybody just talk about "gaming" builds but when you need a real advice you're left alone.

    *i'm waiting for response to :(

    Good luck
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