Best graphics cards for runescape (running multi bots)

I am looking to buy a good graphics card that will support directx or what runescape runs their games on. I am looking to run 4 maybe more bots ( games at once) I am thinking of this graphics card but I am unsure which would handle better, I also am looking on getting 8 gbs of ram G( skill in which i will post, please give me feed backs on which to get for better performance and handling PS I am gonna be building this DIY build from newegg but modfied but with different ram -->

this is my graphics cards --->

and this is the modfied ram I am replacing with neweggs build. ------>
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  1. That's a great card, but runescape runs in a browser and won't take advantage of it, no matter how many instances of it you are running. Good CPU choice and getting more ram is a good idea. If that's the only game you plan to run you could save alot of money with a cheaper card like a GTS 450, but that card is a good match for your system and will let you play much more demanding games in the future.
  2. do you think 2600k would make it run more bots? and can you recommend me the better ram I can get. I dont know about ram much, can you get me one that'll be good for the price and performance.

    Also should I wait purhaps for the bulldozer processor, would that be better then these processors at the same price?

    Anyone know the knews when it will be releasedw q2 of 2011 but I dont understand that.. Im guessing this month because half of year is 6 months. its the 6th month of this year *half* the year.. anyone really know when?
  3. I've had good luck with Gskill before. Ram doesn't really make a huge difference in performance unless you don't have enough, your better off getting value ram like you have picked and spending your money on other components, better ram would cost twice as much and not improve anything noticably.

    And I don't think there is enough of a difference between a 2600k and a 2500k to justify the price increase.
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