X Windows on ThinkPad 340CSE

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I've got an old IBM ThinkPad 340CSE, installed Slackware 7.1 (well,
ZipSlack plus some selected packages) and would like to get X windows

The build in Cirrus GD6245 should support 640x480x8, but I can only get
it runnig at 320x200x4.

Any help, hints, links as to how to configure the X windows system would
be much appreciated.
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  1. Dear Friend

    I am also using ThinkPad 340CSE with BIOS updated and the display resolution is 640 x 480 with 256colours. It is installed with Windows95 is the OS, MS Office97b, Internet explorer 5.01, Adobe 4.01, Winzip 8.0, Actisys 220L+ infrared adapter. The ThinkPad is working very well. If you require any information please contact on my email id; tasrinivas1149@gmail.com


  2. FYI, a good place to check for running linux on ThinkPads is the ThinkWiki.
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