Drivers Needed MS-7125 ver 2.0

N1996 MS-7125 problem, anyone have copy of these drivers,

Multimedia Audio Controller [UNKNOWN DEVICE]
Chip: Nvidia nForce4 AC'97 Audio Controller

PCI Memory Controller [UNKNOWN DEVICE]

PCI Device [UNKNOWN DEVICE] Chip: Accton Technology

I checked the sites you listed but they seem to be pay sites or have to DL there managers, Don't want to get unwanted stuff on my system, I also went to nForce4 web site, and let there Beta search run, but it had a problem and said try option 1, which I tried, just not sure what to select in the drop down menus and this link don't show Multimedia Audio Controller, ALC850, * Memory controller is part of AMD product architecture, therefore NVIDIA DualDDR2 is not supported on AMD versions, Any help would be GREAT..
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    Sorry, I'm not sure what sites listed you tried since they didn't show up in the post so I'll ask - You went to the home site and then here - - and didn't want to use the live update 5 that the motherboard manufacturer provides? You can uninstall the program after the update if you want. At least that way your stuff will be working. Is this a desk top or laptop?
  2. MSI did not have these drivers, ver. 2.0 MB is a OEM by nForce4, had to download a old .exe file opened it up with Rar, and used that driver from 2 different nForce, file name is,
    Hope this will help someone later..
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