Quietest 6850 or gtx 460

Does anyone have a quiet gtx 460 or radeon 6850 model they would care to share?

I'm looking to buy either model, but quiet fan / electrical is important and you can't listen to one before buying.

I have a evga 8800gts 320mb right now and at 60% fan speed I can't hear it over my case fans - scythes runningat 18-24dba.
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  1. The quietest 6850 is this: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Powercolor/HD_6850_SCS3_Passive/

    Might have to wait a while for it to retail though.

    However, the cyclone version of either card is pretty quiet also.
  2. What about quiet cards with lifetime warranty.

    Is the XFX 6850 single fan quieter than the dual fan XFX 6850? that's the specific one I was looking at getting (Either of those models).

    Do you also know why I would have a PCI device in device manager not installed? I have a p8p67 and installed the audio, lan, chipset, and graphics drivers, but still see this one PCI device in device manager with a yellow caution exclamation point. Could it be an intel component of the motherboard? I try disabling it and it always enables after restart.
  3. The quietest GTX 460's they tested at Guru3d are the Gigabyte SOC with the Windforce cooler, and the ECS Black which comes with a custom heatsink by Arctic Cooling. Both came in at 37 Dba, which is remarkable due to the major factory overclocks on both cards.

    For the 6850, the quiestest 6850 was the reference model, coming in at 38 Dba. The MSI 6850 Cyclone was relatively loud at 41 Dba.
  4. I just upgraded from a 8800gts 640 OC'd. And it was very loud compared to my powercolour 6850 PCS cooler edition. At 50% fan speed temperatures are 40% less than what my 8800 ran at 100% fan speed. ANY 6850 will be quieter than an 8800. Im sure whatever you get it will be better. And yes, the windforce cooler gigabyte is cooler and quieter.
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