Phenom II X4 B99 for gaming


I am interested in upgrading from an Athlon X2 240 to Phenom on a board limited to 95w.

The X4 B99 and X6 1065T seem to be the fastest offerings available at 95W.

The x6 1065T clocks @ 2.9mhz, the x4 99B @ 3.3mhz. Both have the 6mb L3 unlocked. They are both because of the low 95w rating marketed as "business class" processors.
Is there something about them that would not make the 99B @ 3.3mhz not a good gaming chip comparable to the X$ 960 3.0mhz and 965 3.4 besides being labeled business class?

It would not be OC'd as it's an OEM Foxconn board and I'm not interested in getting into that even if it were possible.
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  1. The B99 is a good chip and the same as the 960 as far as I know.
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