Win 7 hang when everyday first boot

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with i5, Gigabyte P55A-UD3 with up-to-date bios (F4) and Ati 5850 with CCC Version 9.12 and Kaspersky 2010 anti-virus (version

Everyday when I first boot the computer, it will hang when before entering or just after the win7 welcome screen with dark blue or black screen & the harddisk is no response. After I completely shut down the computer & re-boot, the startup will then be usually OK and after entering the win7, everything is fine without problem.

Do any person encounter the same problem? Please help, many thanks!
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  1. just for curiosity sake, make sure that there is nothing in the disk drive...

    i think your best option is do insert the installation disk and do a system repair.
    you can also try running checkdisk to see if there are any errors
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