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I'm having video issues when I'm playing games. The games will freeze or get relly jerkey and sometimes will stop responding completely. I'm running a 4850 and the card is about 2.5 years old now. I've checked my temps and Amd Vision Engine shows my card running about 67C under load so the temps seem ok. I even tried going back to the previous driver since the problems have been going on for about a week now and I still get the same results. Could my card just be defective? I'm not sure what the problem is... Please help
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  1. RAM (computer memory) or VRAM (RAM on the gfx card) may be damaged or severely overheating. The temperature that you measure is most probably the temperature of the gfx chip and not the VRAM temp. I do not know how you can measure VRAM temp.

    Other than this, you should check RAM using memtest86+, which you can download from .

    Prepare a bootable CD with memtest and boot to it to do the checking. Do not forget to change boot order to CD-ROM in BIOS.

    Another check could be made for PSU. Your PSU may be dying over time. If you can borrow a good PSU from a friend, you can test your machine with it.
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