Thermal Paste on GPU Memory

My GPU Temperature for "MEMIO" in GPU-Z is above 80c at full load. I also notice lag whenever the MEMIO temps are high. I am thinking about applying thermal paste on the memory modules on the GPU. Can I do that? Is it safe? Will it reduce the memory temps? I have not opened the GPU right now to see if there is any type of cooling method for the Memory modules.

Sapphire Radeon 4870 512mb
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  1. Never really removed a cooler on that particular card. Some cards use thermal paste and some use thermal tape or pads. If it uses pads then your probably gonna have to use pads because there will be to big of a gap if you use thermal paste. But if there is already thermal paste on there then you'd be fine. Not sure what temps Should be, but if your having problems when it gets hot then it's probably a good idea to remove the cooler and check it. The paste or tape might have dried out, or the cooler might not be seated correctly.
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