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Do i need a bigger psu


I have a BFG 550 watt that has served me very reliably for the last year and a half.

However I just ordered a new graphics card (GTX 550 ti) and wanted to know if this is no longer going to be enough

System is:
i7 950 (no Overclock)
Asus sabertooth X58 mobo
24 GB ddr3 1600
120 GB SSD
2 7200rpm HDD
Corsair A70 cpu cooler
6 80mm case fans
1 120 mm fan
1 hdd cooler
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  1. my old graphics card was a gt220 BTW
  2. it would be enough but the the rest of ur specs are higher end so no point holding back with psu.
  3. Yes it will be fine provided it has the appropriate pci-e power leads.
  4. cool.
    So if i ran it for bout a month or so with the 550 (till i can afford a new one) it wouldnt screw anything up, would it?
  5. yeah it has the right power leads
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    You're good to go imo!
  7. Awesome. thanks!
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