New PC Build gets single beep and no display

I just finished putting together a kit i purachsed from tiger direct.
MB: Biostar Tseries Ta75m+
CPU:AMD A6 3650
Memory: 2 ddr3 1333 4gb sticks
dvdrw drive
and 1.5tb seagate harddrive
The issue arises when I start the computer. I hear one single beep the fans spin up everything lights up but i get no display from hdmi or dvi. In my MB manual 1 beep means "memory refresh timer error" I have tried using just one stick and in all 4 motherboard slots but it still gives the same beep code and no display. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need any other info please ask. Thank you.
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  1. Also i am pretty sure this is posted in the wrong area so feel free to move it or direct me to the right place to repost.
  2. does the motherboard have one of those "memok" buttons? i've never needed to use that button myself , but i always see it when i read the manuals. btw, did you buy this as like one chunk? the mobo/cpu/ram already installed together and shipped to you like that? or just all in pieces and you installed the pieces?
  3. I have no Idea what a memok button is but I figured out my issue. It came as pieces i put it all together. You can delete this post. The issue was not with the build but with the monitor output. For some reason the dvi port does not work so i have to run it through vga to get any display. Thanks.
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