I3-2100, i3-2105 and i3-2120

The HP build page offers the 2105 for $50 dollars more. The 2120 isn't an option but I find it with a build from a big box store.

Is there really much difference between the three?
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  1. i think the 2105 just has faster gfx. the 2120 runs at 200mhz more than the 2100. $50 more for the 2105 is a waste.
    just different gfx processors. If your using a dedicated gfx card this wont make a difference. For the $50 extra you could buy yourself a faster dedicated vid card.
    What are you using the machine for? if its just general purpose use then the i3 2100 is fine, for gaming you want something with a good dedicated gfx card.
  2. bottom line is always going to be the same. you ask the question, is there going to be any difference, and the bottom line is ,you're always going to then be asked, "what are you using it for?". depending on what you're using it for determines what the answer to your question is.
  3. I would go with the i3-2100 over the i3-2105. The i3-2105 comes with the faster Intel HD 3000 graphics core, but it is only as powerful as a desktop Radeon HD 5450 card which is not suitable for playing games.

    If you intend on playing games, the $50 difference can go towards a video card.
  4. Thank you! Jag & Crowe... confirms what I had gleaned after hours of research, I am a tech dummie.

    Tron: I am an idiot with this electronic stuff. I don't game anymore. I am an old fart stuck in my "tower" ways. Budget is $600 max including critical software. Dell and Best Buy have Black Friday deals on the Inspiron I620 and I am exploring those as well as the HP P6; they seem comparable. My Dell Dimension 8400 is six years old and has been reliable with no problems of any sort so I am leaning toward the Dell. The low-end Inspiron is a Ferrari compared to what I paid twice for six years ago.

    Thank you all... I will get the cheapest i3-21XXX... the three seem about the same with slightly better graphics on the 2105. If these remain the options.
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