Bad PSU? Need to get a better one?

Here is my problem. I made my first gaming rig this summer using an i3-2100, GTX 460, and the Cooler Master GX750 watt PSU. (this one) Later after several months I realized I didn't read any professional reviews. After reading jonny guru's i'm worried about screwing my whole system up. I'm on a very strict budget, so I can't buy a new computer if this one blows up...
In the future could this handle SLI?
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  1. I just checked a psu calculator, and with your cpu and cards in sli mode, the minimum psu requirement is 750w.
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    Hardware secrets came to a similar conclusion as Jonnyguru did about the GX750, its really not good to run it much over 450 W DC load, i would not recommend running two GTX 460s on it as anything in the system that feeds off the 3.3 V rail and doesn't have additional ripple suppression is going to have a much shorter lifespan.
  3. What would run off of the 3.3v rail?
  4. Would you recommend getting a new one right now even though i'm not in SLI?
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