Which Dual Channel RAM for SB on Z77 Mobo...

I am looking for advice regarding what memory set to buy...

I have the i5 2500K, in the ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 and I am shopping for 16GB (2x8) DDR3.
I am not planning on OC'ing the i5 right away, but as I learn I want to leave that door open.

I am a bit confused in terms of the speed of the RAM I want:
What I mean is that I was going to choose 1600, but when I looked up the PCU and it says it only works w/ up to 1333.
Does that mean 1600 will never run faster than 1333 even if I get into OC later?
Should I just buy 1333, or will that effect me in the future w/ OC'ing?
Perhaps some of my questions are answered in the OCing forum, but I haven't found the right thing to answer what I am wondering about.

Also, If I was to buy the 1333 now, and add 2 more sticks in the future would they need to match the speed of the first set I have already in order to work?

Thank you to anyone taking the time to answer my post...

If it needs to be known, to help with my query, this is a new build from scratch; mainly used for gaming, streaming video, and digital photography editing.
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    The 1333 thing just means that anything faster will default to 1333 when first installed, but you'll just need to either set the right settings manually in the BIOS or enable the X.M.P. profile (recommended). That's "technically" overclocking, but doesn't affect the CPU, and you're just setting the RAM to what it's supposed to be anyway.

    It'll work perfectly fine and flawlessly with faster than 1333 RAM, though (take note of my 2500K running brilliantly with 1600 RAM).

    My recommendation is to go with 1600 RAM right off the bat. No harm in it at all.
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  3. Ok great TYVM
  4. You're welcome. :)
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